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Wed-Sat 3pm-8pm

Welcome to Rialto Mercato, a little store filled wine, books, spices and...

...an Italian pantry that features the pasta of Venice's gourmet leader, Cipriani.

This is also the home of Red Fangs, an organic paprika from a small farm in Hungary.

Celebratory, as well as everyday wines from Italy are selected by Flora, with an eye for regional treasures...

...food for the soul, books about food, poetry, novels are here also, along with artworks...

...and vintage objects...

...as well as other pleasing things.

3 paintings by Eugene Rodriguez, from his series Forgotten People of the Gold Rush. Using oil and wax, the artist has created crisp images whose deep colors startles the viewer with their lively presence, jolting us into the past...

Geoffrey of Venice

Geoffrey is old-school. He wears a hat, drinks local red wine at the worker's bar, and paints and draws every day. Regimen and discipline, startling words in the vocabulary of a society that demands instant results with little effort.

He's a painter's painter, working out of a personal inclination and a love for the natural marvels--line, form, light, color. His brush and pencil are his best friends--they direct his daily excursions: the variation of luminosity on a model's shoulder, Venetian homes dancing on their own reflections, the sudden change of a sitter's expression.

Honesty, the artist's greatest ambition and also the greatest challenge, is Geoffrey's constant guide. He paints as he sees, his exquisite craftsmanship the perfect vehicle for this homage to nature.

As young man he came upon Venice where he learned observation from those who know it best--boat people who live by the sun's movements. The venerated vedutisti, Guardi and Canaletto, these he paid attention to also while developing an individual palette and style that bears his pictorial signet.

Venice is a visceral place. Those frenzied Vivaldi rhythms are simply the translation of thunder, blowing leaves, wind, waves, birds. The dreaded scirocco flowing through the musician's ears. At high sun, the intoxicated facades can be bright and cheerful. When it rains, the reds and yellows become pallid and remorseful. Saturated colors, reflections--these elusive visions constantly adjusting to the changes of weather and time are then translated by the painter's eyes.

One must love a place to describe it with such profound and constant devotions. Geoffrey is such a lover, abandoning himself to complete immersion in the wanton ways of Venice.

Then there is the body of a woman...

now is the time when the veil between
the world of the hidden ones and
ours is the thinnest
elves, souls, faeries, forgotton gods
and goddesses, pan, the muses,
divinities lurking in trees and sphinxes
singing with the evening fog
nearly touch us and we in turn
may catch a fleeting sight
of wings and magic shadows.

3PM TO 8PM Wednesday, the Day of Hermes, through Saturn's Day

NOTE: the 1942 pure Bakelite landline phone doesn't accept messages

In the heart of North Beach (where MaryBeth is in all our hearts)